I finshed something! All the way! Yay me!

So, guess what…I finished my duffle bag. That makes 2 things to cross of my I’m-so-lazy-it-makes-me-want-to-cry list. I must say, I’m not extremely proud of it, but it’s better than I had hoped. The sides came out a little wonky and it turns out that I forgot two needles and sewed them stuck underneath the straps where it meets the pocket on the front. Boo. I tried to bury them in there once I realized what I had done, but I’ll just keep you updated on how many times I stick myself while packing. Or if TSA tries to confiscate it. Overall it serves the intended purpose of hauling my junk in something made of pretty fabric. And it was a learning experience. Now I can go pro!

I do love sewing. I’m still in the practicing stages and I really wish I had more time to devote to it because I have so many cute patterns to use and so many ideas of stuff I want to create. Like pillows for our living room couches.

The couches came with pillows that matched the rug that we’ve now thrown away (apparently you can’t steam clean shag rugs… who knew?) But I wanted to shift our currently discombobulated modern-meets-beach-meets-hipster decorating theme towards something where at least the colors matched and I’m thinking green, blue, aqua. Once I master that maybe I’ll even add a few pops of yellow in random places. So I went through my fabric stash and practiced my straight-line sewing skills by whipping up some new pillows.

I did this one first. I had a pillow form already so I just cut the fabric to size for the form and I made a little piping by encasing yarn in a strip of fabric the length of the entire outer edge of the form. I used yarn instead of actual cording because I’m cheap. Sewing it together was pretty easy using a zipper/cording foot, which can sometimes be tricky for me. The hard part was getting the tufted buttons on! I don’t have upholstery needles, so I just squished it in as much as possible to get my regular sized needle all the way through. Once I had a few stitches in, I tied a knot, which kept it tufted so the last few were much easier.

This pintuck one is my favorite. I got the idea from a pillow at Target with a lot more pintucks, but I wanted to keep it simple. It’s only an accent, not the main event. I’d seen tutorials on pintucking before and apparently my memory served me well, because I think it came out perfect. It did require a lot more math than I was hoping though. Once it was sewn together, I stuffed it with really soft stuffing that I salvaged from pillow that died long ago from being too ugly. Very glad I saved that because now this one’s super soft!

These last two I had actually made a long time ago when I first moved into my own apartment. The wavy one is actually a copy of a Roxy pillow that matched my bedspread at the time. And I just thought the beaded one would look cool. Before you say, “No Stephanie, it’s not cool. Maybe if this were 1960 it would be”, I’ll have you know those beads are antique glass from my great-grandmother.

So before:

And after Voila!:

Feel free to laugh at the ‘revolution’ that is this change. I still want to make/buy some bigger ones and also  add some for the loveseat. But for now, I like it. And as I get better at sewing I’ll work on honing my ‘tutorial’ writing skills, so you can all enjoy awesome pillows like me.


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See you later, Procrastinator

I’ve noticed a trend with myself. Apparently I don’t like finish anything. I go about 75% into a project, sometimes up to 99%, and then just stop. Mentally, I’ve moved onto something new. The thrill of doing whatever it was that so enthralled me to start said project is gone. So, alas, I have more almost-done projects around my house than I can count.

The brass lamps I bought at Faith Farm to spray paint brushed nickel for my nightstands. All they need is sanding and one more coat of spray paint. Then some lampshades.

The duffle bag I was going to make as a gift, but stopped when I got a new sewing machine last fall which came with every foot I could want except the zipper foot I needed to finish this. I bought one around February and still have yet to jump back in.

The storage box I was going to make for Bobby the Photog’s dresser, which is still just a box. I special ordered fabric to specifically match our bedspread (not the one pictured), then bought a new bedspread. I get a sense that this method will repeat itself…

The cross-stitch picture I started 10 YEARS AGO!!!! Epic procrastination fail (or procrastination success?)

The guest bathroom. We gutted it, installed new boards, new tub and fixtures, tiled the walls and floor, installed new toilet, new vanity, new hardware. All that’s left is to patch and paint the ceiling and moldings, and finish framing out the mirror. Hhhuuuuuhhh, that sounds like a lot of work. I’ll spare you from having to see a picture until it’s finished.

Lastly, though I hate to admit, my blog. I’ve had this domain name and wordpress account for a year. Yes one solid year and this is my first post.

Not to mention all the projects sitting in my brain that I have yet to even start. And no, we’re not going to mention them because there are a lot and it’s embarrassing how long they’ve been sitting there.

If you can’t already tell, procrastination is my friend. We get along amazingly. We snuggle by the TV with a big bag of Cheeto’s like lovers. As long as I can remember we’ve been putting off stuff together. Especially important stuff like school projects and mailing Christmas gifts to family and friends. And when I think about that stuff it makes my stomach hurt, which means I don’t want to eat Cheeto’s, which means something needs to change right now so I can get back to eating Cheeto’s.

I guess, maybe, possibly I might be almost ready to begin to think about changing that about myself. So I’m going to try and impose a “Dude, get on that already” challenge to myself a la Young House Love.  There are so many things I want to do, and now that work has slowed up and I don’t spend my weekends in a stress filled fury, I can focus my attention on the stuff I actually care for: my husband, puppy, and house. Although house needs the most attention now.

Phase 1: Let’s tackle some projects!

Those lamps: I kept using the excuse that it was raining every weekend I had time to work on these. How can I spray paint and let these dry while it’s raining outside? Grrroan, I’ll melt! Well, in South Florida, especially this time of year, it rains every day. But only for like 10 minutes. So last weekend, with thunder storms in prediction, I got up early and grumbled my way outside to sand and re-spray these little cuties. Sanding: 1.5 minutes. Shaking up spray paint: 3 minutes. Spraying: 2 minutes. Carrying lamps into garage to dry: 30 seconds. Hmmm, not exactly as bad as I was thinking. Then on my next Target trip (which comes daily) I picked up 2 little shades.  Now my room has a little more balance with 2 matching and functional lamps.

You will just going to have to settle for a picture of one and imagine the same thing on the other side with a bed in the middle. The resident photog is away for the day and my ipod touch pics will just have to do. Clearly I have no natural talent in the photography department.

Phase 2: No, No go back up and finish Phase 1.

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